About Camelot

Flower Details

Flower Width: 2 1/2″ – 3″
Texture:  Good to rigid
Tendency to Fade:  Moderate
Petal Type:  Elliptical, rounded tip
Fragrance:  Plumeria, Spicy
Intenstiy of Fragrance:  Mild

Leaf Details

Color:  Green
Texture:  Rigid
Leaf Border Color:  Red
Petiole Color:  Green
Shape:  acuminate tip
Length:  12″
Width:  6″

Tree Details

Pollen Parent:  Unknown
Seed Parent:  Penang Peach
Seed production: Heavy
Branching: Good
Growth habit: Broad, Compact

Plumeria.Today is grouping plumeria into Collections. Some examples are the Moragne Collection, Thornton Collection, Florida Colors, Jungle Jack and Jim Little are well known and naturals. We will also create smaller collections for the small growers who have registered plants and/or raised notable seedling. We are also grouping plumeria from different countries into Collections. 

Norwood Collection

Florida Colors Collection

United States Collection

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