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Plumeria cv ‘Mele Pa Bowman’

P. ‘Mele Pa Bowman’ is one of a handfull of plumeria cutivars considered members of P. obtusa. It was discovered growing as an apparent open pollenated seedling of P. ‘Celadine’ and P. ‘Singapore’.

Petal Shading

  • Top: Yellow 7B modulating to Yellow 4D at the tip and edges of the petal.
  • Bottom: Yellow 4D.



  • Flower Width: 10.5 cm
  • Texture: Delicate
  • Tendency to Fade: Slight
  • Petal Type: Obovate, reflexed, rounded tip
  • Fragrance: Plumeria
  • Intenstiy of Fragrance: Strong


  • Color: Green, glossy
  • Texture: Rigid
  • Leaf Border Color: Green
  • Petiole Color: Green
  • Shape: Oblanceolate, acuminate tip
  • Length: 32.5 cm
  • Width: 9 cm


  • Pollen Parent: ‘Celadine’ ?
  • Seed Parent: ‘Singapore’ ?
  • Evergreen
  • Seed production: Never observed
  • Branching: Fair to good
  • Growth habit: Lanky
  • Measured Trunk Circumference: 52 cm

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