Florida Colors Nursery’s Abigail  #346 Florida Colors Nursery seedling of Maui Beauty named for Luc’s great niece. Light pink, outer edge fading to predominantly white, yellow center. Wide highly overlapping petals, with rounded tips 3″. Slightly upturned inner edges. Medium pink stripes fading to white on the reverse. Keeping quality is average with an average tendency to fade. Very compact growth habit and excellent branching habit. Elliptic leaves are matte medium green with green leaf borders with acute tips. Known to set many seeds pods. 3″ pink and white with yellow center, seedling of Maui Beauty.

  • PSA Registration: #346
  • Color: Light Pink
  • Flower Size: 3″ Flower, well overlapped
  • Blooming: Great Bloomer
  • Growth: Very Compact Grower and good brancher
  • Scent: Medium Perfume
  • AKAs: none
  • Notes: Massive heads the size of a soccer ball with between 65 -80 flowers, a seedling Maui Beauty

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Plumeria.Today is grouping plumeria into Collections. Some examples are the Moragne Collection, Thornton Collection, Florida Colors, Jungle Jack and Jim Little are well known and naturals. We will also create smaller collections for the small growers who have registered plants and/or raised notable seedling. We are also grouping plumeria from different countries in to Collections. 

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