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Plumeria Collections

are plumeria photo galleries organized and presented primarily by growers.

Examples: Moragne Collection, Thornton Collection, Florida Colors Collection,and small growers Norwood Collection, Ford Collection and Stafford Collection.

Technical information on propagation of Plumeria.

By far the most common method of reproducing is by rooting or grafting cuttings. The only way to produce a new cultivar is by growing a plumeria from seed.

How to that care of your Plumeria. How to apply and what fertilizers to use. How to make sure your plumeria is getting the right nutrients. How to protect your plumeria from diseases and Insects.

Plumeria Collections.

Reviewing and displaying Public and Private Collections from around the World.

Moragne Collection

Plumeria by Bill Moragne

Thornton Collection

Elizabeth Thornton

Florida Colors Collection

Florida Colors Nursery

Jim Little Collection

Jim Little Farms

Jungle Jack Collection

Jungle Jack Collection

Norwood Collection

Tex and Kay Norwood

Stafford Collection

Lake and Eulas Stafford

Ford Collection

Hetty and Bruce Ford