Christina B

Christina B Plumeria, a seedling from Florida Colors Nursery, a spectacular 3″ pink and white with medium dark pink edges and a small orange center. Nice dark red bands on back. A Compact/Medium grower. Petals: overlapping and rounded, pink with darker pink along margin, yellow towards center and a orange center. Fragrance: sweet, medium intensity. Leaves: medium green with light green veining and faint red line along margin. Producing full heads with multiple buds. Interesting pink with rays of dark pink. Warm temperatures will bring the brightness coloration of those rays. Seedling of Pink Pansy.

  • PSA Registration:
  • Color: Pink and White with dark Pink edges
  • Flower Size: 3″
  • Blooming: Good
  • Growth: Medium short
  • Scent: sweet, medium intensity
  • AKAs:
  • Notes: Seedling of Pink Pansy

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