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Plumeria cv 'Iolani'


This should read more as an obituary than a description of P. ‘Iolani.’. It is believed that ‘Iolani’ is extinct, the last specimen succumbing to the larva of the long horned beetle at the University of Hawaii during 1995.


‘Iolani’ was very similar to P. ‘Mele Pa Bowman’, the flowers were nearly indistinguishable, but the leaves tend to be the true factor in differentiation. Leaves of ‘Iolani’ can be described as nearly elliptical with a slightly acuminate tip. Leaves of ‘Mele Pa Bowman’ are significantly more oblanceolate with a pronounced acuminate tip.


‘Iolani’ was nearly impossible to propagate by cutting. This is the primary reason for its demise. Although distributed by the Univeristy of Hawaii after its release, no specimens are known to have survived. ‘Mele Pa Bowman’ with such a similar flower is much easier to propagate, although its growth habit seems more lanky, and is certainly a more robust cultivar.


The above image is all that we have of ‘Iolani’. Use its leaves for positive identification and let us know if you have find one still alive. There are new propagation techniques that may prove sucesssfull with this rare member of species P. obtusa.

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