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Plumeria cv ‘Schmidt Red’

P. ‘Schmidt Red’ is so similar to P. ‘Hilo Beauty’ that not everyone agrees that they are distinct cultivars. The specimens in the University of Hawaii’s collection are adjacent to one another. If one uses plenty of imagination; the mature ‘Schmidt Red’ seems more upright while the mature ‘Hilo Beauty’ seems more broad. Flowers randomly picked from these two trees, when mixed up, are indistinguishable. This is why we present the same image for ‘Schmidt Red’ as we do for ‘Hilo Beauty’.

This flower is a very dark maroon. It is very difficult to photograph or image correctly. The image here is no exception. Its colors are incorrect, but the general intensity and contrast with the black background correctly illustrate its dark nature.

Petal Shading

  • Top: Greyed-Purple 187C. A blackish line extends from the center of the base into the center of the petal.
  • Bottom: A Greyed-Purple 187A stripe on the left, then Greyed-Purple 187C.



  • Flower Width: 9 cm
  • Texture: Rigid
  • Tendency to Fade: Moderate
  • Petal Type: Elliptical, sometimes reflexed, somewhat pointed tip
  • Fragrance: Fruity
  • Intenstiy of Fragrance: Mild

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