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‘Scott Pratt’ #93 – the first plumeria registered. Aka: Kohala, Koloa Red, Black Jack (seedling of SP), probably aka Kauai Beauty. Guatemala.

A strong red w/small, strong red center and fine black radiating lines; petal narrow, elliptical, round tip, moderately overlapping; moderate reddish-brown band on back; 2 1/2″ dia.; slight spicy scent becoming stronger on storage; keeping quality not as good as ‘Common Yellow’.




The flower is a dark velvety red 2 ½” to 3” with strong red center and fine black radiating lines that have fine purple-black veins radiating from the center and a reddish-brown band on the reverse. Petals are narrow, elliptical, round tip, moderately overlapping. Heavy substance, excellent keeping quality and a Slight spicy or coconut scent increases after picking. One of the best reds.




Flower production is fair to moderate during spring and summer.




Leaves are dark red-green upright leaves with red veins almost olive green color with a very dark reddish brown tinted underside. Dark purple-red new leaves that are held upright.




It is usually among the first to bloom, often producing flowers before the leaves. Prone to black tip. Small to medium upright growing tree. Easy to grow but hard to root.




Does set seed, but seedpods are rarely seen and rarer still to mature.


Scott Pratt is the pollen parent of the famous Moragne hybrids.


Scott Pratt managed the Kohala Sugar plantation on the island of Hawaii and that the plant may have been taken to Kauai.

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